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Why Visit Our Wellness Center


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In today’s technologically fast-paced and online world, we are constantly working, available, and therefore fatigued. Simply put, our bodies are like machines – keep them well-oiled and serviced, and they are as good as new. While we ensure that we service our cars, have Annual Maintenance Contracts on our appliances, and in general ensure that all other machines around us are in tip-top shape, we unfortunately ignore the one that’s most important to us – our mind and body.
Here are some essential reasons why you should make visiting a spa a part of your regular schedule:

a) Relax and de-stress
It’s very rare that we manage to steal a moment for ourselves, whether in our home or at office. A spa lets you do just that and more. The soothing environments of a spa or wellness center helps you calm your nerves, allays anxieties and helps you de-stress. 

b) Look and feel Good
The primary motivator to visiting a spa, looking and feeling good is and will continue to be at the top of everyone’s list. It adds to your self-esteem, bolsters your confidence and helps you get through another day and another week. The physical benefits aside, feeling good helps you live that little bit longer as well.

c) Detox
Detox is the number one reason to visit a spa these days – and not without justification. Our world is polluted as never before and we subject ourselves to harmful toxins daily in some way or the other. It is absolutely essential to make the effort to cleanse your body every once in a while through the detox treatments offered at a wellness center; it will help you feel lighter and cleaner.

d) Give your Immunity a boost
The right massages can help you boost immunity and also help in reducing aches and pains by targeting pressure points in the body. It helps relieve muscle tension and assists in resisting the onset of disease. It’s a no-brainer that we need all the immunity boosters that we can get.

e) Pamper yourself
We may not want to admit it to ourselves, but we all agree that massages, pedicures and scrubs done by expert and soothing hands does make us feel, Oh so special! It is worth taking that time and effort out to visit a spa just for that feeling of royalty.
Today, it is necessary to take care of oneself, and to let health and well-being take precedence. Learn to take time out and get away from all the madness out there. That is what the right spa experience is all about – learning to love yourself!

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14 Best Spa and Meditation Therapies


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The right use of Spa therapies have been proven to have immense physical and mental health benefits. Whether it is for a peaceful sleep, to eliminate mental tension, improve recovery from illnesses, controlling blood pressure, for muscle or whole body relaxation, flexibility, good skin tone, and so on, you will find the therapies you are about to discover below to be of great importance in achieving your objectives and your clients' objectives. 

 It is important to note that there are wide varieties of therapies, this guide would only list the common ones with a brief explanation of their benefits.

1. Sauna
This is specifically useful when there is need to detoxify the skin and to reduce aches. A combination of herbs and heat helps to open up the skin pores.

2. Seaweed Wrap
Seaweeds are used as facial masks to reduce toxins after which a general head and face massage completes the process.

3. Prenatal Massage
This is particularly useful during pregnancy. Joint pains, back pains and general fatigue are typically the targets when using this therapy. 

4. Massotherapy
For increased blood flow through muscle massage. It is also good for elimination of aches and pains.
5. Lypossage
With a combination of good diet and excercise, Lypossage offers a good alternative for good skin tone and firmness. 

6. Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy often times is misconstrued for water intake to aid healing process or to enhance internal wellbeing. However, this therapy is also useful in achieving similar objectives when water is used externally e.g steam baths, ice or heat packs e.t.c

7. Herbal Wrap
Basically the use of herbs in specific forms to achieve stress relief, blood circulation and detoxification.
8. Geriatric Massage
Short and gentle massage for relaxation and to relieve stress and pains. It has been found to be very useful for the aged.

9. Exfoliation
Skin care products and scrubs are used to remove worn out cells and tissues from the surface of the skin thereby giving a renewed vigour to the skin.

10. Deep Tissue Massage
Combines the use of the fingers, elbows and thumbs on the muscle.This serves to remove stubborn pains other therapies cannot eliminate, and also greatly helps with cellulite.

11. Chair Massage
This is usually done with cloths on and concentration is focused on the back, neck and arms for soothing relaxation.  

12. Aromatherapy 
Oils, Herbs, Flowers and Roots are used to achieve specific objectives. The benefits here is wide ranged depending on the properties of materials used. 

13 Stone Massage
To relieve tight muscles and strains, smooth stones and pebbles can be used in combination with massage oils.  

14. Swedish Massage
For general wellbeing, improved circulation and pain relief, swedish massage is the most used therapy.

These are just some of the services we offer.

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Chronic Pain Can Be Treated At Our Wellness Center


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A fear that grows to a severe state and gives rise to several other physical discomforts can be known as chronic panic attacks. These panic strikes when you are in a secure place but suddenly feel you are losing control and even facing a heart attack. Previously these panic attacks were thought of as weakness or stress reactions. But the present day medical science says it is a medical condition and can affect the day to day quality of living. They also say that the treatment is very effective and can be used to get the patient out of such experiences. The fatigue syndrome is a type of disorder that has been found to happen to human being but the cause is not yet clear. The chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS as it is named, is often related with some other infection happened before the syndrome appeared.

There are many people affected by chronic fatigue depression, but the interesting fact is that they even don't know about the condition. It is scary that you suffer from chronic fatigue symptoms and is completely uninformed about the same. To handle this kind of condition, it is best to gather as much information as you can about signs of fatigue and chronic fatigue treatment. CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a complex disorder and there is no real cause known for the condition. One thing can be assumed that it is linked with any earlier infection. In cases of chronic fatigue syndrome, patients are constantly exhausted and fatigued and the condition remains for around 6 months or more without any given reason.

Wellness Center Studio City treatment is not yet found for this syndrome. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Graded Exercise Therapy, pain therapy, orthostatic instability treatment and antidepressants are the treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome. Antixiolytic agents like alprazolam and lorazepam are good to use. Stimulants like modafinil will be of great help. Prescription drugs like tramadol, celecoxib can relieve the patients from pain. 

The best way to get rid of this is to be far away from stress as much as possible. We should follow good sleeping habits. Sleep as much as less as possible during the day. Avoid coffee and alcohol to improve health habits. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment can be done in by medications and therapies. Medications include anti-depressants and sleeping pills. These will help the patient to have good sleep and relief from pain. Therapies include graded exercises and psychological counseling. Graded exercises like stretching our muscles and walking will help us to remain active. Other therapies include Acupuncture, massages and yoga. We can take help from the psychologist to improve our control over the life. 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients should avoid herbal remedies like comfrey, kava and bitter orange. These cannot replace with the natural diet. Orthostatic instability treatment is done for the people who cannot stand properly or who suffer from dizziness frequently. They can prefer volume expansion for people who do have heart or blood vessel disease.

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